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Sunday, August 25, 2019


More info here.

You can buy it here too.

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  1. Upload: This file exceeds the max. filesize which can be downloaded by free users. If you still want to download this file, we advise you to buy a premium product.
    Nitro: This file is available with Premium only. Reason: this file is larger than 1024mb.
    Rapid: You can download files up to 500 MB in free mode Upgrade to premium to have opportunity to download files up to 5 GB!

    Why would you do this? You should of known that Upload and Nitro are below 1024 mb.... At least do one that can go over 1.56 GB... Now I have to buy another service or more than likely go elsewhere to get this.

    1. NF is set as: "Currently all of your files available to free users. You can change this on My Account tab."
      RG i just saw is set as 500MB, i didn't know that option, not is set upto 2GB
      UL don't give an option, so it's by default

    2. Thanks but I've already started getting elsewhere. I am getting your other stuff tho.


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