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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Headache the whole fucking day, so i'm trying to avoid screens since 2 days ago. Salbutamol is doing a good job (at least for me), so i was told i would probably dont need something invasive... but fucking headaches. Fever sometimes, last night i had 38.2C, in the morning 36C, and now i'm in around 37.8, smell partially lost (i have to put stuffs like directly on my nose), taste... well... i couln't like hametsu no mars, so i guess it's fine.

I'll be avoiding screens for a few more days, or at least after i can fully recover from this fucking headaches, paracetamol and aspirin does absolutely nothing.

Kids, get vaccinated (*). Having intense pain only for watching a fucking screen is not a joke.

edit next morning (25/7): reaching 93~95% O2 level, peaking 38.6C, sweating like 2lt of water... last night was harsh i had to sleep over towels. But today i can finally not wear sunglasses in my house, no headache at all. Or maybe my sensorial system is failing. Anyway, i'm back to 98~99% O2 level, 35.6C, and feeling less like a raisin after drinking 2 gatorade.
I really hope this feeling of relief lasts longer than yesterday. Not having a headache is good, right?... right?

edit 25/7 (*): "Kids, get vaccinated." IF you are obese (plus size as is called in the US, which is the same), or have hypertension, or some heart or lungs related illness. Test yourself, if you can't run 300mts without having to stop to catch your breath, do it, get vaccinated ASAP.

Now that i'm feeling "fine" i'm doing some experiments, and i put over my chest about 30kg of stuffs just to test how i felt last night (i'm kinda masochist for myself), and the experience was pretty similar, except for the fact that my lungs were not delivering enough oxygen as they are doing it right now. Today i could finally run some 150 meters and kept walking without feeling my head about to explode, and that left my O2 level around 96~97% for some minutes before going back to 98~99%, which makes me think the obvious: i'm not fully recovered, i can usually run between 300 to 500 mts and keep walking a few extra kilometers. Anyway, no headaches at all during the day, it feels like a paradise after having it for 3 consecutive days, even the motion sickness i started to feel yesterday is over.

BTW, i'm not receiving medical treatment for this, i'm not even vaccinated, but i have some basic medical tools and knowledge from my university, which i didn't finished, that allows me to know my body enough to don't take unnecessary procedures. I'm not antivaxx at all, i just think healthy people doesn't need it. And this is the question i'm doing to people who just don't want to be vaccinated: "can you run 300mts nonstop and keep walking 2kms not resting or needing to drink water?"

edit 26/7: everything looks fine, smell not recovered, lungs still not fully working, i got tired after walking 4kms; no more fever and headaches, no more salbutamol. In the end it was just like a strong cold for me. Results from the covid test i did receive today confirms the PCR result: covid positive. Now thanks to this fucking gov, i have to stay in home about 2 weeks because: fuck you, even knowing over 70% of the population is already vaccinated (supposedly protected).

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  1. Please rest without overdoing it.
    We are waiting for a complete recovery.

  2. I wish you the best.
    Take care!

  3. Being vaccinated wasn't gonna help you besides helping big pharma use you as their guinea pig. You can't even sue them that should tell you not to take it and further these evil beings are telling people who got an immunity (if they even got the rona) to still get the jab which makes this whole thing even more absurd and diabolical.

    The jab may make you sicker or more likely down the road from some other complications like other jabs do when a child is forcibly injected for chicken pox for example one may receive a number of side effects including death. So it's baffling how anybody can tell someone else to make themselves a statistics by getting vaccinated and welcoming yourself to a number of side effects just to grab hold of that one protection that isn't 100% guaranteed. Inviting foreign substance in your body is insanity. What happened to using herbs from the Earth? Instead of relying on sorcerers who are big pharma?

    Do not trust those tests because if you actually looked into them it does not test for only covid-19 but all SARS. A lot of people have inactive SARS and they too would be positive if they took the tests. Those testers are being deceptive or don't have the slightest clue. Are you even aware there's been people who were tested for both covid and the flu and were positive to both?

    Also, you know what other symptoms also has what you're posting? The flu. Full blown flu can take up to two months to recover unlike the other one. Regardless if you do indeed have that other one it's highly survivable.

    You probably are deficient on vitamin D and C, so take those even if they're supplements.

    1. the C vitamin dosis the body needs is so low anyway. i eat fruits very often

      about the vaccine, i'm waiting for taking pfizer, since i want to take a hollydays in some other countries where that's the one accepted, otherwise brazil and mx would be only options around the world

      i've had flu before, but that never left me with lack of smell. I'm still recovering it

    2. Taking vitamin C "often" is not the same as daily which is what I'm suggesting alongside taking vitamin D. There are supplements for you to take please buy them.

      I got the flu and I lacked smell. I also could not taste except orange juice and chicken noodle soup. I had no running noise nor was it stuffy. I was also fatigued and low on energy and hardly ate the first 3-4 days. The first 3 weeks were horrible and sometime during the 4th or 5th week dry cough came to me. I drank a lot of orange juice mainly and drank water when I felt lusting after it. Same with lemonade. I didn't know that I needed Vitamin D till later.

      I strongly ask you to reconsider taking the jab and see what other people are saying who are against people taking the jab. There are people who are got covid after they got the shot. If you indeed believe you got covid-19 you should already be immune and don't need the shot. There are deceivers who are telling people who got covid and survived to take their shot anyway. They are actively manipulating people that the human being's immunity system lacks or will somehow expire and need to therefore trust their shot. If you don't see how insane these people are I dunno what to tell you.

      Next, the news has not been reporting people dying from it. If you can't see the news have been manipulated this fake pandemic I dunno what to tell you. Look how they won't even talk about Wuhan Lab Leak anymore. Last year they were calling people who were speaking on this conspiracy theorists. Look how much damage they did and will not admit they were wrong. They are also protecting that evil person, Fauci from being guilty for funding them. Not sure if you already know this but people surviving covid is over 90%.

      Know also that Bill Gates on a Ted Talk mentioned about depopulation which you can watch on youtube. A lot of these people are sociopaths.
      If you still decide to trust in men who want to depopulate the Earth and contribute to their wealth place a magnet on the arm you got the needle shot at and see what happens.

  4. Here we go, with the negationist and antivax bullshit... Go and tell Osnat Ben Shitrit's or dr. Stephen Karanja among others... Ignorance is soooo extended

    1. Ask your Dr Jekels and sorcerer's alike for validity that these potions foreign to the human body are ok to consume regardless of how it may effect them? Hmm. Let's also add you neglected to reply concerning how people are being used as guinea pigs, can't sue them if something bad happens even death, let alone if even one person is physically and mentally harmed by it they'll just be a statistic for the greater good, so long as it's not you who'll sleep better at night knowing you did your part to deceive and manipulate people with peer pressure into taking a chance.

      It's all cool while the ones harmed will be suffering as well as their families everything is daijobou because big pharma will get to richer and richer and you've done your part in ethics. Way to go! Ah, but all that rant is merely negationist (whatever that even means) and antivax bs.

      More importantly why would I trust anybody outside of my ethnicity? Especially those who have used us for their experiments? It's also clear that their trying to get my people to take their eugenics. Feel free to take the jab meant for me. You should be triple or double protected, right?

    2. thinking about being healthy and really being healthy are 2 different things.

      there are sometimes when after asking "the question", i convince them to try and run that distance, and only then they realize they are pretty fucked

      i've successfully sent to take the vaccine over 20 people using that method

  5. I can't ask them. They were negationists and antivax.... and died from covid (not from flu, because covid is not a stational virus). The woman was pregnant too.... Foreign to human body is everything (including food, the electromagnetic waves, tobacco,...) Using that argument is pretty silly. There are a thousand more things far way dangerous than vaccines and you take them every fucking day. By the way, the only one playing the game to the big pharma is you. If everybody was like me (jabbed) we would get rid of the virus in a few years (like in ebola). No virus, no vaccines, no money. But thanx to persons like you we'll have the virus around forever. That means more vaccines, more money. The more persons vaccinated, the less profits in long term for them. But you can continue talking about experiments, ethnic reasons and guinea pigs. I trust science. You trust conspiracy.

    1. No, you trust in lies as your comfort and man. Just look how easily you are manipulated by your verbal talk to somebody who is voicing their genuine concern about a shot where in people have said they want to depopulate the Earth like Bill Gates.

      You view people such as myself as "conspiracy theorist" you need such labels because you yourself are a stupid person who needs validity as you have no moral compass and want to follow the crowd. You need the news to cleave to for your information purposely ignoring the other side. Look how you blatantly disregarded one of the reason why I am speaking like this people white people have used my people as guinea pigs. It tells me you don't care about that.

      If you actually trusted in science you wouldn't take it. Second, you more than likely have no clue what science even means In the USA there are over 300 million people yet its reported 600,000 supposedly died from this "virus". Do you even know math to do the calculation? lol.

      Enjoy your side effects. Do know by deceiving others into taking it you will be judged for it from on high.

  6. That's right, you are aware of anything and all the rest of the people are just ignorants. Thousands of doctors around the world are mistaken... or are helping in the super conspiracy... You are so iluminated!! Please treat our diseases with herbal remedies! or homeopathy... This virus is just a master plan to erradicate your race. Wow, truly impressive.
    Right now I just placed a picture of bill gates in my desk. He wants to depopulate earth!!! Begining with your race, of course.
    I do trust science. Do the maths for me please!! And illustrate me with all your ideas!
    And the last sentence is amazing! "You will be judged for it from on high". jajajaja By who?? Jesus?? Mahoma?? Buddha?? Batman??


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