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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Info Post

It usually happens shits gets deleted, because copyright deletion, or because they are not being downloaded in the lasts 30 days, or corruption from the servers where 1 or 2 files are lost, or just because the servers are asking me to make some space to upload new shits.

The problem is, the server i'm paying doesn't have unlimited space, and i don't have unlimited storage in my pc or money to keep buying monthly 4TB HDDs, or 16TB HDDs each 3 months (+/- 4.5TB is shared each month) neither, so i have to keep the tradition to just delete the shit once is in the servers available to download.

I already checked cold storage services, but it's not a good idea, because transferring data is the most expensive part.

Anyway, considering 16TB HDDs are around 300USD (+VAT), and one would store about 3 months of releases, do you think you can help me to buy some units? or maybe, a lot.

Only in RG i'm using >18TB and UL >12TB, just to give you an idea, so 30TB would be used right away, ignoring what is currently on the server waiting to be released (then deleted to make more space)

PD: To be clear, that doesn't mean i will just ignore copyright claims and keep reuploading the same shit over and over (like that very known mecha, for which i have no plans into wasting time and storage space), but it would allow me to make a reupload a little bit easier for cases where only some pieces/links are lost, or after a reasonable amount of time has passed and someone need a particular one, as long as the links were not deleted by a complain, and it was opportunely saved.

If you think you can help me with that, i'll leave here the XMR account:


In the meanwhile the tradition will continue: release, delete, download something else.

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