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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

fucking covid measures made me impossible to take some good holidays, so i'm currently into that. 
also, the server got his hdd corrupted in the best possible moment 😒. i know from watching the security camera that is showing the bios screen... fuck
fortunately i still have some shits already uploaded, with a little problem, because of security reasons i dont have nor remember some passwords from sites where they are stored, because they are... in the server... fuck
in the end, i decided to enjoy the holidays

if by any chance the electric service is interrupted, i could access the server again, or at least i hope so.

edit 22.3.22 "covid" again... well more likely a common flu but PCR shown positive for covid. Server is still showing the same picture, i'm glad my monitor wasn't OLED. That talks how stable is the electric service in my zone... which is not a good thing right fucking now. For the next time i'll use an arduino and some relays.

edit 13.4.22 trying to recover the HDD, i had to buy a replacement and i'm currently waiting for it. 

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