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Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Well, a few days ago, like 2 weeks, i received the message i was exceeding the limit for cold storage from 1fichier (16TB total from wich 4TB were cold storage), which happens to files which are not being downloaded since long time ago, so i had to wait some days until files were automatically deleted in order to be able to continue uploading files into that account. That situation made me open a secondary account which was using until yesterday, and today after checking the previous one just in case, i saw the message "Free Account" with barely 4.4 TB... Oops.
The premium service ran out during the period i was using the secondary account. No email about "your premium service is about to expire" or something like that was received.

Edit: Also a minor problem i just had with my server, one HDD crashed, 2.5TB of files were lost and just today i could access again.

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  1. Hello there. Can You Re-up Dragon Ball Super BD BOX 7 please?

    1. that's from 2017, so +3 = 2020, i dont want to waste my time before that


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