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Tuesday, December 3, 2019


More info here.

You can buy it here too.

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  1. This is exactly like Disc 1.
    I dl'd the first part and part 27,28,29 of this and it matches the byte size as Disc 1 which I always write down in a text file (Disc one they were part 1, part 26,27,28) then extracted them and saw 00015 m2ts is the exact same as Disc 1 which I have. It's a 20 minute discussion from the staff.

    Please verify that this is so at your end and please share the real Disc 3 of this series. Is Venus Wars JP Remaster in your queue?

    1. try uncompressing manually once you have all the rar files. wakaa1 is 29 parts 38.56GB, and wakab1 is 29 parts and 43.29GB

    2. wakaa1 which is disc 1 are 1.37GB parts, and wakab1 which is disc 3 in this post are 1.54GB parts

    3. I knew I wasn't crazy. Seems you shared the movie and the extra live footage again with the 5 disc collection from the purchase link above. Prior it was a 2 disc which you linked to from

      This is the same as to let others know. I made certain to download from this parts 1-6 and despite being different zip sized this time the bytes are still the same regardless just as expected as I first wrote about to parts 27,28,29. I extracted them this is a 41:26 minute live footage 8.4 gb.

    4. yes, the movie is in both packs, movie is contained in 2 disc box, and tv episodes are in the 5 discs version which includes the movie.


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